Deep connection, real fun! meetups {online gathering}

Deep connection is fun!

Casual meetup created with meaningful connections in mind.

The meetups are paused right now, we will be back online in Spring.

It's free, and you're welcome. 🤗

Because meeting and being around people is not the cure for loneliness. It’s not enough!
We need meaningful connections.

Have you ever experienced social fatigue?

One form how it plays out is the "lonely but not alone" syndrome: We are meeting a lot of people, but connecting to no one. It’s so superficial.

And that happens a lot in regular meetups. The people are great, but the frame is not supporting meaningful interactions. So we have a lot of interactions, but it’s not nourishing. And it can be really draining; to the point where sometimes it is more tempting to just no go, even though we are wanting some to connect... But doubt we will have the opportunity to really do so.

On the other hand,  authentic relating, circling, and all the deep connection workshops are great opportunities to finally learn and interact human to human. And it’s really nourishing, but it’s also almost exclusively workshops.

Sometimes I just want to spend nice time talking to friendly humans. Just a fun evening. I don’t want to do workshops all the time.

The solution: Un-networking Human meetups

That’s why I am offering this social meetup, created with meaningful connections in mind.

Fun like social meetups, and meaningful connections

Just a little bit of authentic relating exploration in the beginning, to put everyone in the same mindset and avoid the jackpot and all kinds of agenda… Make sure we connect from Human to Human.

But then we quickly switch to social gathering, and apply this authentic relating mindset to enjoy meaningful connections in a casual setting.

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