What is it like to work with me?

Judith Echevarria

Claire is a very empathetic and understanding professional and I felt very comfortable with her since the first session. Her approach and methodology helped me to understand and get more perspective about my current situation and therefore, choose which areas I would like to improve the most.
The best of all is that we could find a few resources and strategies to apply and in one week, I've started to feel better with myself.
I would recommend Claire for people that they are in a moment in their life that they need to take a decision but they don’t know which one, and as well for ones than they are feeling a bit confused or overwhelmed.

Martin Tutko

Claire was very easy to talk to. She is a patient listener and someone who asks right questions at the right time!

Claire helped me to understand the concept of NLP and also showed me some techniques for coping with my issues. It was very pleasant experience talking to her, not just about the therapy, but also in general. I would recommend Claire to anyone who is stuck in life and needs to discover new perspectives and strategies on dealing with old problems. Thank you Claire

Hana Obsidian

I had my first session with Claire yesterday and it was a wonderful experience. I did not know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised by Claire’s approach, understanding and methodology.
I am looking forward to applying the techniques I learned and seeing results.
I would recommend NLP with Claire to anyone who might feel a little lost or overwhelmed and looking to shift their perspective.

https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/membervault/integrallyalive/testimony_solsilke.jpg Sol Silke

Claire is absolutely amazing!

I felt so safe and held in her presence, and to me it feels like she is really able to tune in and make a connection to my body, and therefore give me exactly what I need to receive. Her treatment, homework, and words have motivated me to go deeper into my own healing

Thank you Claire!



Claire is very intuitive, respectful and listening. I was really impressed by her knowledge from many different lineages, and her sensitivity to body's language !

I feel more connected to my body and understand better its messengers now.


Karlee Biddle

I loved the session with Claire, I felt that she really held the space with a lot of presences which allowed myself to relax and completely surrender to her treatment! I felt that I was to receive more of the benefits of shiatsu in the next coming days rather than all at once.

Afterwards I felt more clarity towards making decisions and I was able to easily voice clearly my desires and boundaries in my relationship.

Thank you so much Claire I am very satisfied and happy with my experience. Much love.

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What is it like to work with me?

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